Preschool and Pre-K / Kindergarten groups may share combined activities, playtime, and lunch but have individual work periods and projects.   The Toddler Program operates without any interaction with older students.   They have their own scheduled playtime, work time, recess and lunch periods.

Our goal is to help the child feel comfortable so they can have the confidence it takes to get along well with others.   By fostering a sense of emotional wellbeing in the children, they learn to be authentic with others.  Therefore, much of our psychological emphasis is placed on the communication process of honestly expressing oneself, listening to others, following through on agreements and resolving conflicts.   We also work to create a sense of belonging within each child by nurturing self-esteem through emphasis on the child's interests, abilities and natal talents.

Initially, our work begins with the environment.   We present a welcoming and comfortable setting.   Providing a sense of security and stability is critical to the child who is just beginning to explore the world outside their home and away from parents.   Once they have this, we see them explore the materials we provide and expand their interactions with the staff and other children.

Our next step is to present beautiful and creative materials that stimulate exploration, develop intellectual curiosity and enhance your child's unique and special interests.   Our classrooms are set up to promote the child's success.   We believe that it is through free choice that children learn to make decisions and take responsibility for following their inner direction.   We facilitate the children's development by enhancing and increasing the difficulty of their task, helping to strengthen areas that may be needed and encouraging them to take on new challenges.

We like to give each child the space to work without being interrupted.   This fosters concentration, completion and the feeling of satisfaction that comes from successfully finishing their project.   Having learned to work independently, the child will then begin to explore the opportunity of working with others, confident in the skills they have acquired on their own and willing to assist or learn from others.   Lesson plans are assigned daily for Preschool and Pre-K / Kindergarten.   An individualized curriculum plan is implemented fro each child.   We take the time and care that is needed to provide a wide range of advanced curriculum in the following areas:

​ Art & Music       History & Geography       Language       Mathematics       Science, Botany and Zoology        Social & Practical Living Skills       Nutrition Awareness & Physical Development    

We believe that music, drama, art and body movement are also important aspects of growing and expressing.   In addition, we offer electives in specialty classes such as Spanish, Art, Music, Science, Ballet, Yoga and Puppetry.

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